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Another Excuse to Never Walk Again? Garia's Golf Cart Goes Street Legal Jun 25, 2010
Alison Wellner
Formula  1  -"inspired"  front  suspension;  Porsche  Boxter,  -  built  in  same  factory  as;  Ducati  gearbox,  -  drive  train  manufactured  in  same  factory  as;  Jaguar,  Aston  Martin  Volvo  -  aluminum  profile  supplier  same  as.    ...
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Golf Clubs Laden with F1 Technology from Williams Jun 23, 2010
The  engineers  at  Williams  F1  have  created  three  series  of  golf  clubs,  the  most  expensive  of  which  costs  $50,000. Josh  Trivett,  a  director  for  Williams  Sports,  said:  “Golf  has  always  been  technology  driven.  The  aerodynamics  of  high-end  sports  cars  is  the  same  thing  we’re  looking  for  in  golf  clubs.  Williams  Sports  has  ...
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Luxury Golf Resort Opens In Sicily May 17, 2010
New York Times (blog)
But  now,  thanks  to  the  Rocco  Forte  Collection,  a  luxury  hotel  chain  mostly  in  Europe,  you  can  add  high-end  golfing.  In  March  the  Verdura  Golf  and  Spa  Resort  ...  ...
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Season ticket in Cubs' new luxury club goes for $24300 Apr 10, 2010
Medill Reports: Chicago
The  luxury  club  is  sponsored  by  PNC  Financial  Services  Group  Inc.,  a  bank  headquartered  in  Pittsburgh.  It  features  outdoor  heaters,  all-inclusive  food  and  ...  ...
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Golf in Maui Luxury With Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa Mar 17, 2010
SYS-CON Media (press release)
MAUI,  HI  --  (Marketwire)  --  03/17/10  --  With  its  year-round  sunshine  and  tropical  setting,  Maui  offers  the  ultimate  golf  vacation  experience,  especially  in  ...  ...
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Leading Hotels, Perry Golf establishing luxury golf program Mar 12, 2010
The  Leading  Hotels  of  the  World,  the  largest  international  luxury  hotel  brand  has  created  an  exclusive  program  aimed  at  global  golf  travelers  who  want  to  ...  ...
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$25m tennis centre brings luxury to big events Jan 12, 2010
New Zealand Herald
By  Beck  Vass  View  as  one  page  The  new  $25  million  tennis  complex  is  expected  to  boost  the  number  of  players  in  Auckland.  Photo  /  Supplied  A  $25  million  ...  ...
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“New” Golf Resort Offering 50 Percent off Luxury Bahamas Golf ... Sep 15, 2009
Golf Vacation Insider
by  Craig  Better  on  September  15,  2009  How  do  you  get  Four  Seasons  luxury  on  a  Bahamas  golf  vacation…at  discounted  prices?  Well,  it  helps  when  a  barely  ...  ...
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New Redlands Mesa "Golfer's Dream Home" offers luxury with value Jul 28, 2009
BrightStar  Redlands  Mesa  Development  LLC  is  proud  to  announce  its  plans  for  construction  of  a  "Golfer's  Dream  Home"  focused  on  the  concept  of  "luxury  with  ...  ...
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New Redlands Mesa "Golfer's Dream Home" Offers Luxury with Value ... Jul 24, 2009
Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Luxury,  lifestyle  and  affordability  team  up  together  on  one  of  Colorado's  premier  golf  courses.  Redlands  Mesa  Golf  Community  in  Grand  Junction  and  Hinsdale  ...  ...
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Showing 1 to 10Total Listings 14
10.. 25.. listings per page
PAGE - 1  2 
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