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July 2010

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Endless Vacation Rentals by Wyndham Worldwide

The Roar Foundation - Shambala Preserve

Gourmet Attitude Fresh Truffles & Truffle Products a Boutique de la Truffe

SF Bay Ministry of Rum Festival - August 8, 2010
Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance - August 15, 2010
Fireball Run Luxury VIP Experience - Sept. 23 - Oct. 2, 2010

VIP Concierge

Dancing Bear Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon Rooftop
Artisanal Cheese Pairing Adventure

Crystal Head Vodka

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The Roar Foundation - Shambala Preserve

The Roar Foundation supports The Shambala Preserve and shares its mission: To educate the public about exotic animals and to advocate for legislation to protect them. To provide sanctuary for exotic animals who have suffered from gross mistreatment and neglect so they can regain their physical and mental health and live out their lives in dignity.

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Gourmet Attitude, importer of truffles, opened its doors in Manhattan in April 2003. Céline Labaune, who emigrated to the United States from her native south of France in 1995, is the founder of the company. Over the years, she has greatly enjoyed sharing with the American gourmet market her interest in this delicacy and the mystery and legends surrounded by it. “La Pomme Féerique” of George Sand is one of her favorites, and she recommends it to all who share her romance with the ‘fruit of the earth”.

Since the beginning her leit-motiv has been quality, care and respect for the products she imports, and excellent service to the clients she serves. Thanks to this dedication, Gourmet Attitude has grown and expanded over the years, without losing any of its personal touch. Gourmet Attitude offers a full line of fresh, frozen and preserved truffles (truffle oil, juice, butter, honey, peelings…).

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SF Bay Ministry of Rum Festival
August 8, 2010
, Oakland, CA. USA

1:00pm - 2:00pm Press and VIP, 2:00pm - 5:00pm General Admission Taste sugar cane spirits from around the world and cocktails from some of the best bars and bartenders in the Bay Area. Meet the industry people that make, import and market these sugar cane spirits.

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Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
August 15, 2010
, Pebble Beach, CA. USA

First conducted in 1950, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is often said to be the world’s premier celebration of the automobile. Only the most beautiful and rare automobiles are invited to appear on the famed eighteenth fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links each year, and connoisseurs of art and technology congregate to see them.

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Fireball Run Luxury VIP Travel Experience
Sept. 23 - Oct. 2, 2010
, Henderson, NV to Galena, IL
Registration ends July 31st, 2010. Sign-up now before it's filled.

The Fireball Run Adventurally is not a single event; it is a totally immersive luxury vacation (yet competitive) experience in cars. The Fireball Run is comprised of multiple events staged at some of America's most famous, yet less traveled destinations, roadside attractions, and unique locations secured for the purpose of creating the ultimate live interactive motoring adventure game. While having fun and truly experiencing America, teams are also aiding in an awareness campaign to recover missing children.

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VIP Concierge

VIP Concierge provides access to the world's most ultra-exclusive events and experiences. Award Shows, Movie Premieres, Celebrity Parties, Red Carpet Events, VIP TV Show tickets and Television Show Set Visits, Sports and Adventures and other ultra-exclusive A-List events and experiences. We also have additional VIP offerings available exclusively through our membership program.

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Dancing Bear Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon Rooftop
Artisanal Cheese Pairing Adventure
By Barrie Lynn – The Cheese Impresario

The Taste of the Good Life is alive and well! This philosophy and reality were evident when I had the pleasure of hosting Dennis Cakebread from Cakebread Cellars on my rooftop. It was one of those special evenings of conviviality as we shared amazing flavors together.

Two friends joined Dennis and me for this rooftop tasting experience. One was Steve Wallace; whose wine store Wally’s is consistently named “Best Wine Store in Los Angeles.” Steve’s new Wally’s Cheese Box has recently opened and is loaded with global cheeses, chocolates, a huge salt collection and condiments galore. Joanne Medeiros also joined us. Joanne, who is one of the best in her field, and handles advertising for Elle Décor Magazine. The sun was shining and the breeze was wafting while we ...

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Crystal Head Vodka


Crystal Head Vodka, created by screen legend Dan Aykroyd, is a super-premium vodka made with water from a deep aquifer in Newfoundland, Canada, blended with selected grains create a creamy and slightly sweet finish. Crystal Head Vodka is a “pure spirit” with no added glycerin, citrus oil, or sugar. Crystal Head Vodka is quadruple distilled, then triple crystal-filtered through Herkimer diamonds, the final and most important step in production. Herkimer diamonds are quartz formations, or crystals that are mined in Herkimer, New York. New age belief systems claim that Herkimer diamonds emit positive energy, an assertion that is validated by consumer tastings.

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Lamborghini Builds 10,000th Gallardo Luxury Supercar Jul 14, 2010
Derek Kreindler
10,000  cars  is  a  minuscule  number  for  most  car  makers.  It’s  thought  that  most  major  car  makers  (think  The  Big  3  or  Toyota)  can  pump  out  close  to  that  many  in  a  day.  For  a  specialist  supercar  maker,  10,000  cars  is  a  massive  amount.  If  any  supercar  was  going  to  do  ...
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Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2010 collection of bags for men to be out soon Jul 12, 2010
Well  if  you  are  a  fashion  lover,  then  you  will  soon  have  to  start  filling  in  your  closet  for  the  fall.  And  if  you  are  waiting  with  baited  breath,  you  can  soon  heave  a  sigh  of  relief  as  Louis  Vuitton  is  all  set  to  bring  out  its  Fall-Winter  2010-2011  collection.  ...
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LG’s Versace Unique is up for grabs at Harrods Jul 12, 2010
Finally  Versace  Unique  hits  the  shelves  of  Harrods  for  £4,800  ($7,200).  This  long-awaited  cell  phone  meant  for  those  who  seek  fashionable  technology  is  Versace’s  latest  haute  couture  creation.  ...
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Borgezie brings the world at your feet with gold and diamond bespoke stilettos Jul 1, 2010
With  the  starting  price  at  $155,000,  these  blinged-out  shoes  comes  with  a  1,000-year  guarantee.   ...
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Hermes adds limited edition 'Carre H watch' to its watch collection Jul 1, 2010
The  French  luxury  house  Hermes  has  collaborated  with  designer  and  architect  Marc  Berthier  to  bring  out  a  limited  edition  watch  collection,  dubbed  Carre  H  watch.  ...
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Another Excuse to Never Walk Again? Garia's Golf Cart Goes Street Legal Jun 25, 2010
Alison Wellner
Formula  1  -"inspired"  front  suspension;  Porsche  Boxter,  -  built  in  same  factory  as;  Ducati  gearbox,  -  drive  train  manufactured  in  same  factory  as;  Jaguar,  Aston  Martin  Volvo  -  aluminum  profile  supplier  same  as.    ...
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The Antique Wine Company unveils million dollar architectural wine cabinets Jun 25, 2010
It’s  time  for  wine  collectors  to  invest  in  vintage  wines  and  architectural  cabinets  to  house  the  prized  collection.  The  Antique  Wine  Company  has  released  the  next  four  in  its  series  of  nine  exquisitely  crafted  architectural  cabinets  featuring  the  most  celebrated  Chateaux  in  Bordeaux  wine  collection.  ...
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